When the terms below are capitalized, reference is made to their definition.

  • Administrator: person, department or company in charge of the administration of the Site, its operation and the implementation of the means necessary for its functioning, acting on instructions from the Company.

  • Content: all information, elements and/or media, whatever the format, intended to be broadcast on the Site.

  • Operation: maintaining the site in operational conditions.

  • Incident: unplanned interruption or degradation of the quality of a computer service provided online on the Site.

  • Parties: means both the Users of the Site and the Company.

  • Exhibition: event organized by the Company.

  • Services: all services rendered online by the Company to Users through the Site.

  • Site: set of structured documents, called "web pages" composed of content of various types and formats (text, image, sound, video, etc.), animated by software and stored on a server connected to the Internet network and constituting the technical support of the url address mentioned in the legal notice above.

  • User: any natural person legitimately connected to the Site.


The purpose of these "General Terms of Use" (hereinafter "GTU") is to define the conditions under which any User may use the Services provided by the Company via the Site.


These TOS apply to all Users of the Site.


The Company may modify these Terms and Conditions of Use whenever it deems it necessary, which the User expressly accepts in advance. The Company shall post and make available on the Site any new version of the Terms and Conditions of Use.


  • Method of proof
    In their relations, the Parties undertake to correspond, subject to particular cases involving the issue of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, by electronic mail. Any e-mail shall constitute an acceptable mode of proof for the establishment of all facts, acts and actions of each of them.

  • Limitation of Liability
    No limitation of liability or warranty is granted to the User for any breach of any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions of Use.

    Consequently, the User shall be liable for any damage, including direct, indirect, consequential, special or incidental, physical and/or moral, material and/or immaterial damage, that he/she may cause to other Parties or third parties through the use of the Services or connection to the Site.

    The Company uses its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information published on the Site. However, it is the sole responsibility of Users to verify the information published, and the Company does not provide any guarantee in this regard. The Company cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information on the Site.

  • No waiver
    The fact that the Company does not assert the application of any clause of these TOU or tacitly acquiesces in its non-performance, whether permanently or temporarily, shall not be construed as a waiver by the Company of its rights arising from said clause or its subsequent performance.

  • Any use of the Site and its functionalities contrary to their object and purpose is strictly prohibited and constitutes a breach of these GTC and as such may result in the suspension of the User's Visitor account, temporarily or permanently, at the Company's discretion.


The Company is the exclusive owner of all the intellectual property rights present on the Site and in particular of the rights of use, display, exploitation, reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation relating to any object composing the Site, including the graphic charters, the titles, the forms, the plans of the Site, the texts, the articles, the analyses and writings, the documentations, the photographs, the images, the videos or all other informational and/or downloadable contents, as well as the marks and logos put on line by the Company.

The Site and its Content are protected by French law on copyright and related rights (Articles L.122-4 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code), which prohibit the total or partial reproduction, without the Company's consent, of these various constituent elements. This is why the User undertakes to respect copyright, trademark rights and the rights of the database producer, each User acknowledging that the databases created by the Company are its exclusive property.

The Company only grants the User a simple right of private, non-collective and non-exclusive use of all the content published on the Site as well as an authorization to reproduce it in digital form on the computer used to consult the Site for the purpose of viewing the pages consulted by the Internet user's browser.

The User has no right to transfer or assign the information obtained from the Site and is prohibited from creating any derivative work from the Content of the Site.
The Site and its components constitute a work protected under the intellectual property. Any representation, reproduction, modification, transmission, translation or more generally any exploitation of the Site and its technical or graphic components, are strictly prohibited without the prior authorization of the Companies.

Only the content accessible in the "Press Room - Press Releases and Files" and "Press Room - Media Library" sections are made freely available to accredited Journalists, provided that such use does not infringe the Company's rights.

The provision of the Services does not imply any assignment or grant of any intellectual property rights, except for the right of a User to use the Services provided by the Company online from the Site, within the limits set forth in these TOU and, if applicable, in the contract that the User may have with the Company.

Any violation of this clause will be considered an act of infringement and may result in civil and/or criminal proceedings in accordance with the law.

The use of hypertext links to and from the Site is also subject to the prior and express authorization of the Company, the user being able to obtain authorization by e-mail from the webmaster.


The User undertakes to provide accurate information at the time of registration and during any online formality, as this information is used for the proper functioning of the Site and for the proper execution of the Services. The User agrees not to create a false identity that could mislead the Administrator or third parties.


The Company provides or is likely to provide through the Site the following services to the User:

  • Consultation of various contents and information;

  • Use of forms to contact the Company.

  • Use of transactional functionalities: ordering tickets for the Show in particular. These transactional features are subject to specific conditions.


To properly use the Site and its functionalities, all Users must have software that is regularly updated by the publishers.
The Site's pages are responsive and therefore adapt to all screen resolutions, but a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels is recommended.

The Administrator does not guarantee the transfer, storage or printing of the information posted on the Website from or to the User's computer system or station.
The Administrator makes every effort to implement proven technical devices that are capable of fulfilling the expected functionality of the Website. However, no obligation of result can be subscribed by the Company in this respect for the benefit of the Users, as regards the security and the durability of the information put online, in particular because of the hazards related to the use and the functioning of the open networks such as the Internet.

In order to meet the needs of the Users or to improve the functioning of the Site, the Company may develop its functionalities. The operation of the Site may be temporarily interrupted by decision of the Administrator for maintenance or security purposes. No interruption or slowdown in the operation of the Site may give rise to a claim of any kind whatsoever, nor a fortiori to compensation, particularly in the event of loss of connections, data or information of any kind whatsoever.

The use of the Site by Users may result in the deposit of "cookies". These "cookies" are used in particular to improve the user experience, to collect anonymous statistics and for subsequent advertising retargeting. Each User can refuse the registration of these "cookies" on his or her computer by choosing the appropriate option on his or her browser.


All Users undertake to use the Site and its functionalities without attempting to bypass the technical security and protection devices. They undertake not to disrupt or paralyse the operation of the Site.

The User recognized as responsible for the infection of all or part of the Site by viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs or any other disruptive technical device, undertakes to assume all the consequences, in particular financial, with regard to the Company or any third party who may be a victim.

In the event of fraudulent or unlawful use of the Site by the User, the User undertakes to compensate the Administrator for any damage he/she may suffer as a result.

The Company may decide to block the dissemination of or proceed with the deletion of any Content posted online that contravenes: -
the laws and regulations of French law, international treaties, good morals;
- the proper functioning of the Site;
- the legitimate interests of other Users or third parties;
- the image, reputation and interests of the Company, its shareholders, its subsidiaries, its partners and customers.

The Company shall not be liable or liable to anyone for any damages in this regard.


In order to be processed, any complaint concerning the operation of the Site, its content or any other matter must be sent by e-mail and by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the Company. No action will be taken on complaints that do not come from a duly identified person and whose contact details are not specified.


The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, in particular commercial or financial loss (loss of revenue, loss of gross margin, loss of opportunity), or loss of image.


In accordance with the principle of business secrecy, the Parties agree to maintain the utmost discretion regarding all information relating to the organization of the Online Services, the content of the Site and their online relationship.


Any dispute relating to the interpretation and/or performance of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall, to the extent possible, be settled by amicable negotiation between the Parties, which the Company shall endeavor to facilitate.

After a period of 30 days and in the absence of an amicable solution, the Parties shall have the right to bring the matter before the competent courts.

By mutual agreement of the Parties, this provision shall not preclude the institution of any emergency proceedings, whether on petition or in summary proceedings.


In the event of failure of the amicable procedure and in the presence of any dispute, jurisdiction is expressly attributed to the courts of Lyon, notwithstanding multiple defendants or guarantee appeals, even for emergency procedures or protective procedures, in summary proceedings or by petition as well as for any request based on the provisions of Article L.442-6 of the Commercial Code.


The TOS of the Site are governed by French law, regardless of the nationality of the User.
The language of reading, understanding and interpretation of the GTU is the French language.