How do I know if I am a professional or an individual ?

You wish to participate in the Puces de Metz, you are welcome !

To benefit from the spaces and prices reserved for professionals, you must however correspond to one of the following exhibitor profiles :

Be a professional antique dealer
Be a self-employed antique dealer
Be a professional in the renovation of old objects

You don't respond to professional profiles, no worries, Metz chips are also open to individuals !


Register for the next market using our online reservation system !

Registering for the Puces de Metz has never been easier !

Create a “professional” account by clicking on the icon below

Fill in the information requested in the form by imperatively ufilling in a K-bis extract or your itinerant trader's card.
Wait for the validation of your account (within 2 working days) before you can place your first order.
Book your location directly from the "reservation" page allowing you to select the market date, the desired location and the method of payment (online, by check or in cash.)

Your turn now !

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Practical information for exhibitors

Prices :

  • €90 for a 6 m2 stand
  • €154 for a 12 m2 stand

Market process :

  • Installation from 4 a.m. in the P2 car park (see map below)
  • Immobilization of all vehicles for a maximum of 7 hours
  • Opening of the market to visitors from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • End of market and vehicle exit authorization at 12 noon.


You are a professional, ask for your buyer's card !

This card allows you to enter the Flea Market at the same time as second-hand dealers who have reserved their location, that is to say before the opening to the public (scheduled at 7 a.m.).

It can be acquired depending on the case :

  • Against return of the old Buyer's Card from year N-1
  • Upon presentation of a copy of both sides of the identity document and an extract of K-bis less than 3 months old, stating the professional activity in the flea market or antiques.
  • Possibility of acquiring several cards with a single extract of K-bis*
  • Price for a card: €50 per year

* Each card must be the subject of a return of the old card or the presentation of a copy of both sides of the identity document.

Ask for your buyer's card